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Webflow Developer

🗽 New York
🇰🇷 Seoul
🇸🇬 Singapore
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Airfoil is a Silicon Valley-based software/product design firm serving startup clients from top accelerators (Y Combinator, 500 Startups, AngelPad, South Park Commons, On Deck, and more). Learn more about us


  • Build and launch websites and mobile apps
  • Work closely as a project team to iterate on UI/UX designs
  • Participate in all aspects of the software development lifecycle
  • Provide development and design on internal web applications
  • Debug and troubleshoot technical issues
  • Provide hands-on support with web development and maintenance as needed


  • A portfolio showcasing previous Webflow work
  • Solid understanding of HTML and CSS
  • Experience with integrations such as email templates and forms
  • Excellent communication and time management skills


At Airfoil, we believe that your internship with us should be helpful to us and to you, and we see your experience here as an opportunity to further your learning and growth as a designer. For that reason, we will support you in several ways:

  • Thorough critiques and support from our team. Through your work with us, we will collaborate actively with you, offer feedback on your work, and relay feedback from our clients. We will help you develop your skills both in terms of user experience/design thinking and aesthetic quality.
  • Access to learning resources and practice projects. In addition to client work, we will occasionally host ‘design jam’ sessions via video call to assist you in your growth as a designer.
  • Cross-border experience and training from tech company founders. Our team is led by Silicon Valley tech company founders hailing from the USA and Korea, and while working with early-stage companies our team will be there for you to assist and advise.


  • Part time


Regarding the COVID-19 pandemic: While the outbreak is in place and working from home is recommended, all work will be conducted remotely. If it is safe to work in person, you will have the option of either working from home or working in person.

  • Most work will be conducted remotely, as our team is primarily US-based.


  • Paid on a monthly basis and commensurate with your skill level.
  • Upon the evaluation on the contract period, the candidate may convert into a full-time hire.


To apply, please email phil@airfoil.studio with the subject line "Airfoil: Webflow Developer Position".